Oluwatosin Daniju Photography

Studio portrait of a young woman standing, arms out to the side and head back in laughter.  She is using two crutches and wearing a leg brace over her trousers.
Scene from a play - in the foreground a woman sits on a sofa somewhat apprehensively, her hands together in her lap; in the background at a fancily laid dinner table a younger white man unconcernedly drinks wine.
Two men sat parallel in matching wooden armchairs.  One holds up a sheet of newspaper, presenting it to someone off camera, while the other looks over at him, a concerned look on his face.
A play scene: a young couple sit on adjacent bean bags, the young woman chatting animatedly while the young man looks over at her, listening.  In the background is a bank of TV screens showing repeated  tiles of album covers from the 90s.
A play scene. Two women stand, divided by the door that one is opening, and which the other stands outside of, waiting to be let in.  The image is split in two by the set, the left background being completely black, and the right is cream.
A woman leans against a white wall, wearing a kente cloth headwrap, polo-neck and jumper, and a large necklace.  She smiles directly into the camera and light reflects off her glasses.
A shower of bubbles floats down onto the audience; one person reaches up as though to catch them, a delighted look on their face.
A man, the  scenes's director, sits alone in an empty bank of red theatre seats.  He is at the further end of one row, almost in the darkness, with arms crossed as he watches the stage (off camera) intently.
Play scene: a girl stands at the mic in the spotlight, one hand holding the stand, the other her mobile phone down by her side. She has a neutral expression, and  is looking up and off to the left.  Around her lie many other young people, playing dead.
A young woman stands, mouth open in mid-speech, looking off to the left.  She is wearing a peach jacquard matching dress and fitted jacket, and her hair is in large loose curls.
4 characters stand, each to their own space, across a stage.  They all are looking outward, toward the audience, and are lit from behind by a red, smoky light.
A young girl in a striped top and frilly skirt waves hello to a security person in a coat and mask just inside the open doors of the London Coliseum; outside is sunny.
3 siblings pose on a wooden bridge, surrounded by lush greenery in a conservation park.  They are all wearing shades of blue, and all look directly into the camera, confident and at ease.
Head and shoulders portrait of the writer outside in dappled light, greenery behind them.  They are wearing a buttoned-up shirt and leather jacket, and gaze calmly into the camera.
A young woman stands, one arm across her waist, her chin lightly resting on the lightly curled hand of the other, her gaze upward. She wears a headwrap and heart-shaped sunglasses, as well as large earrings which read "straight nappy".
A young woman is visible behind the close-up blur of a fence.  She sits, looking directly into the camera with a small smile, wearing a flowing hijab and a denim waistcoat.
A young boy wears one of the costumes from the show - a hat with fox ears.  He smiles directly into the camera, his hands held together in front of him.  Others in the background engage with other costumes and props.
A woman stands in front of a grey mosaic wall - she is seen from above the waist. She has her eyes closed and is smiling widely. She is wearing a patterned hijab, a light jacket over a bright orange jumper, with the collar of her shirt just showing.
A young woman laughs in front of a bare brick wall, eyes closed and hand towards her mouth as though to catch the laughter.  She is wearing floral patterned dungarees, a wine-red headtie, and large earrings that read "Black Lives Matter"
A woman sits in a colourful armchair, gazing comfortably into the camera.  She is sat inside a cafe without others around her, and is seen though the window, which reflects light and colours.
A young man stands on a darkened staged, lit from just above.  He has thrown up a chip wrapper, and in the light above him there is a small cloud of glitter or confetti which he looks up at as it falls.
Head and shoulders portrait of a young man in daylight.  He is looking off towards the left, a gentle smile on his face.
Two nurses gaze intently down at something on a desk out of camera shot; one is sitting, holding a document, while the other leans over behind her.  In the background, part of a poster featuring a large blood droplet can be seen, which reads "Calling AB"
A young woman laughs, eyes closed in mirth.  The lens of her SLR is visible, the camera held in her lap, and her striped top matches the silver and black of her braids.
A woman checks her headwrap in a handheld mirror.  All of her outfit, jewellery and even the mirror match - shades of green, orange and yellow.  She wears a necklace bearing the word "human", and the background is mainly dark, with a few leaves visible.
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